Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review: Come, Stay, Celebrate by:Judith Galblum Pex

 Come, Stay, Celebrate!: The Story of the Shelter Hostel in Eilat, Israel
About the Book:
Come, Stay, Celebrate! tells the story of John and Judy Pex, their conversions from hippies roaming the world in the 1970s to faith in Jesus and immigration to Israel, then opening a hostel in Eilat near the Red Sea. The book follows the various people groups who have come to the hostel during the past thirty years: backpackers, African pilgrims, Arabs from surrounding areas, Russian immigrants, Chinese and Romanian construction workers, Israel Trail hikers, and Sudanese refugees - told through touching and humorous stories.

In the volatile and highly charged atmosphere of the Middle East, the Shelter is a point of reconciliation between believers and non-believers, Jews and non-Jews, and Israelis and Arabs, all staying together under one roof. For thirty years, the Shelter Hostel has been a beacon of light and a welcoming home for people from over ninety countries. A well-known landmark in Eilat on the Red Sea, the Shelter has gone through many transformations, but the focus and goal remains the same: to share God's love by ministering to the body, soul, and spirit of the guests. More than just a hostel, the Shelter is a drop-in and rehab center, youth club, immigrant absorption home, and vibrant community. In the volatile and highly-charged atmosphere of the Middle East, the Shelter is a point of reconciliation between believers and non-believers, Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and Arabs, all staying together under one roof.

The theme and thus the challenge to the readers of The Shelter is: make yourself available to God and He will use you in ways you can't imagine. He uses ordinary people to participate in His extraordinary work.

About the Author:
Judith Galblum Pex was born in Washington, D.C. but has lived with her husband, John, in Eilat, Israel since 1976. They began the Shelter Hostel in 1984. John, from Holland, is the pastor of the Eilat Congregation, a multi-cultural, non-denominational fellowship.
Judith and John are the parents of four grown children and happy grandparents of seven. In her free time, Judith likes to travel, hike and camp in the mountains around Eilat, snorkel in the Red Sea, read, take pictures, and spend time with family and friends. Judith is also the author of Walk the Land: A Journey on Foot through Israel, and A People Tall and Smooth: Stories of Escape from Sudan to Israel.

My Review:
 Israel, a melting pot of religions and beliefs---sometimes when God sends you to a foreign land it's hard to not want to run the other way. But God's belief in the fact that you can forge His name in a mighty way should be enough to spur you on, onto the path He has chosen for you. This is a good book, that will show you that you HAVE to trust Him even more when it comes to some of the circumstances that the author and her husband faced.

 John and Judy Pex were the last people that you would of ever imagined to become missionaries. But as they can attest, God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called! As the war of sinfulness raged outside their doors, The Shelter a hostel founded in Eilat housed some very unusual type people, but it was there that the lives and paths of these "different" personalities crossed. People were able to come there and seek refuge, a "safe" place but what is so extraordinary, is that "The Shelter" was pointing them toward the ultimate refuge. A Saviour that would take them on grander heights than they ever imagined. Follow along in  Come, Stay, Celebrate to see how the lives of two hippies transformed a nation. If you would like to learn more about the book, you can here.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher.