Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Discipleship by:J. Heinrich Arnold

 Discipleship : Living for Christ in the Daily Grind
About the Book:
A compilation of letters and writings from a pastor, counseling those who want to live a life of Christian Discipleship. 

About the Author:
J. Heinrich Arnold(1913-1982)

Heini Arnold was a author and pastor of the Bruderhof, a communal movement started in Germany by his father, Eberhard Arnold. For more on Heini Arnold, visit http://www.heiniarnold.com.
In his words:
What a great gift it would be if we could see a little of the great vision of Jesus - if we could see beyond our small lives! Certainly our view is very limited. But we can at least ask him to call us out of our small worlds and our self-centeredness, and we can at least ask to feel the challenge of the great harvest that must be gathered - the harvest of all nations and all people, including the generations of the future.

My Review:
 Discipleship is not an easy idea, especially when carried out. Especially in todays world. It is nice when others that have gone before you are able to carry this out and give you words of encouragement along the way. The book, Discipleship is a book with a collection of writings from a man who knew what this life had to offer as well as the Discipleship undertones and he left us with a good many items to take note of and to inspire us to soldier on.

 My favorite quote from this man is at the beginning of the book, " Discipleship is not a question of our own doing; it is a matter of making room for God so that He can live in us." The author in his writings really causes you to think and he can likely be compared to Spurgeon.He was that raw and straight forward.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Handlebar.