Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: Dance With Jesus by:Susan B. Mead

 Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace (Morgan James Faith)
About the Book:
When we are lost in the storms of grief, only God can pierce the darkness. How can a broken, bewildered woman who lost . . . Her sister, a brilliant PhD nurse, to suicide Her youngest son to respiratory distress caused by an accidental drug-alcohol interaction, on the night of her brother-in-law’s memorial service Her sister-in-law to cancer, four years to the day after her son’s death . . . want to get out of bed and live—out loud and in color? Simple. God revealed Himself to her and breathed life back into every nook and cranny of her very being. 

In Dance with Jesus: From Grief to Grace, author Susan B. Mead shares her personal story of how God came to her in the midst of grief with a display of love, insight and comfort far beyond her expectations. Have you ever: Held the Hand of God? Felt God caress your broken heart? Heard Him speak out loud? Seen Jesus dancing with your lost loved one? Seen your loved one in the holy presence of God—on His Mercy Seat? Do you want to? In her vibrant, inspiring, and up-close-and-personal style, Susan freely shares how her encounters with God in the midst of overwhelming grief led her to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him that truly restored her soul. Are you ready to laugh through the tears and dance—with Jesus? 

About the Author:
Susan B. Mead, a medical technologist with an MBA, spent 22-plus years in the diabetes sector with Johnson & Johnson prior to founding the blog, A Gathering of Girlfriends and Guys for God. After Susan lost her youngest son, she came to realize that even when things get broken, discarded, or replaced, people matter most. Susan is a Charter Blogger on the Bible Gateway Blogger’s Grid, has been published in Medical Laboratory Observer (MLO), and has been described as a solid, comforting voice in a messy world.

My Review:
 My husband and I are no stranger to grief. We lost our home due to bankruptcy, as well as losing my mother followed three months later by losing my grandfather followed by losing my father and then our twin babies. We were all devastated but I stayed in grief paralysis for better part of 10 years. I was so angry with God because I felt attacked by someone I loved and could never imagine Him turning against me in this way. So for 10 years, I knew He was there but chose to ignore Him. I was a child born to Christian parents who was taught to rely on God in every way including prayer and for the first time in my life, I stopped talking to my Father.

 It all changed the day that I got word that I was pregnant with my third child. I went in after just a few weeks to discover the reason behind an issue I was having with the pregnancy, only to find out I was losing him as well. He had already become 50% detached, his little heart was still beating and that was enough to give us all some hope but the doctor warned me to not be too optimistic. I went home that day and started praying and I prayed after day after that for God to save my son. And after several months of ultrasounds every three weeks, and after all the praying, and after going in front of my church to be prayed over--we got our miracle. Within a few days after being prayed over by the church the separation was completely and totally gone. My sweet boy was out of the woods.

 Those days of prayer and God choosing to honor that, in spite of my disobedience as one of His children was a enough to drive me to my knees again and again and beg Him to forgive me for being so terrible to Him, for blaming Him, and for not trusting Him. I know what it is to grieve so badly and for such a long time that it causes you physical pain. But my little guy "Thomas" was the instrument God used to bring me back to Him. Fast forward to almost 10 years since his birth and I have never looked back. I will never leave God's side again.

 Susan Mead's book spoke to my heart because I feel like I have experienced the pain of grief and was brought back from the brink of fear, desperation, lifelessness, and complete utter sadness. Her book is a short read, took no time at all to read from cover to cover. She includes her personal stories along with Scripture designed to inspire, encourage and uplift you from the pit of grief. It's hard to see the light when you are stuck in that dark place. Her book is a good one to shine the light on that pit and to ultimately recover. If you would like to purchase this book or learn more you can at this link.

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