Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review: You Won't Remember This Stories by:Kate Blackwell

You Won't Remember This
About the Book:
The twelve stories are about characters who are outwardly unremarkable, but whose fraught inner lives are exposed, nerve by nerve, by the situations they must deal with, along with the strange—but entirely believable—actions they must choose. A young husband deals with his charged, erotic feelings toward his dying wife. A bride composes a list of books to get her through her marriage,” saving Proust for her forties. A married couple is reunited with the man who almost tore apart their marriage years ago. A woman leaves her son in the bathtub while she runs errands. Each character is on the edge of a precipice that is both familiar and dangerous. Some spanning decades, others a few hours, the stories play out their tensions and conflicts with surprising consequences.

My Review:
 Kate Blackwell has penned 12 stories revolving around some very interesting well defined characters. Each one has their own set of problems and unique circumstances and each one finds a way to solve them on there own. My favorite story was,"My First Wedding". It discusses the ever formidable Aunt Augusta that seems to always rub her family the wrong way. The descriptions of the time period that the story is set in reminded me of my childhood in the early 1980's.

 Each one of the stories are uniquely different and can hold your attention separately as a stand alone. The author seems to be able to ebb and flow with each story fairly well. I should note that some of the stories uses bad language. But overall some very interesting works of fiction.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Pump Up My Book.