Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review: Brian's Choice by:Vannetta Chapman

Brian's Choice (Plain and Simple Miracles)
About the Book:
Brian’s Choice is an e-only short story prequel to the brand-new Plain and Simple Miracles series from popular author Vannetta Chapman (A Promise for Miriam). These stories of love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the miracles that can happen when lives are lived in service to God and to one another.

Brian Walker has it all—a trust fund, the job of his dreams, and a beautiful woman at his side. But all of that changes in one tragic moment. One year later he finds himself in the small town of Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma, and eventually becomes a member of the Amish community located there.

Brian feels God’s hand directing his path, and he begins to hope that perhaps his past is behind him. However, nothing prepares him for the day his bishop asks him a question. His choice changes everything.

A story about the miracle of faith and our ability to forgive and be forgiven.

My Review:
 Brian was given a very expensive car as a gift from his parents for achieving a very weighty goal and he was very proud of it, maybe a little too proud. In one quick instant the man who had everything under the sun in his favor, has made a very costly mistake one he will have to live with for the rest of his life. A year after his accident he turns to the Amish way of life to an order that is very relaxed when it comes to outsiders or Englischers becoming one of them.In this short introduction, to a brand new series, Plain and Simple Amish Miracles, Vannetta introduces us to Brian Walker and a choice that he made one day that changed his entire future--one that I am sure he did NOT anticipate for himself.

 As if him turning to the Amish wasn't a turn around for him he agrees to help the town out after being approached by Bishop Levi and two other elders one day. What is God's will for him and how does all of this fall into line with Him? Soon Brian will have all the answers and so much more in Brian's Choice. Available here for preorder and it will be released August 1.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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