Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Litfuse Review: Intersect:Where Your Story and God's Story Converge by:Peabody/Rogers

About the DVD:
Welcome to Intersect; a resource designed to help you start spiritual conversations with your small group, your friends, or people who don't yet know Jesus. 

Intersect uses the creative medium of video storytelling to start and  facilitate discussions about where your story and God's story converge. We can all relate to stories, as we all have our own stories. Some of them are joyous and easy to share with the world. Others are difficult and remind us of times that we sometimes wish we could simply forget. But nonetheless, we all have beautiful lives that are marked by events, situations, and circumstances that have shaped us uniquely into who we are today.

The stories you will watch chronicle choices that are made when individuals find themselves in the middle of hard times. All human beings have the propensity to go through situations that are trying, and the Bible even teaches that finding ourselves in these times will be a part of all our journeys. It is how we respond to these times that helps define our lives and develop our characters. 

Each story and its related discussion questions takes a look at an issue that we are all likely to experience at some point. Together you and your group can explore your responses to: expectations, rest, disappointment, trust and control. We hope that each person will identify with each story and theme, will connect with the choices that were made in the video story, and explore how that specific situation intersects with their own life. 

Intersect also aims for you to find inspiration in how, in each story, the opportunity is there to turn to God for help. We believe that the Bible is a guide, telling the story of how we were created to live. We hope you and your group will connect with the Bible passages and realize their truth and usefulness for application in your life. This is where your stories will intersect with God's story.

Intersect is a useful tool for those in the church to use as they seek to engage those outside of it with the love and message of Jesus. Starting spiritual conversations in this context can feel intimidating, but this resource can be easily shared with friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members. The video stories give platform to meaningful conversation, and the questions lead the way through the topic.

Intersect is for followers of Jesus too. Our hope is that through these stories your faith and understanding will grow, and you will discover where your story and God's story converge.
My Review:
 You will find in your Christian walk that God's plans and yours are almost always different. He definitely knows the plans He has for you and we can trust Him on that in every way. When you do finally realize that plan God has for you, you will see how much more of a better plan that it actually was. He loves His children and He definitely knows whats in our best interest.

 In the Intersect DVD resource you can use it as a conversation starter with a small group of like minded individuals that are seeking their purpose in this world. Upon starting the DVD you will see that it is NOT a full on curriculum but a helpful add on to start conversations with others maybe in your church group about life and how we fit into Gods plans for our own.

This DVD series can be used as a conversation starter with non believers as well. They need to know that even as Christians we still have a hard life but a hard life grounded in God and His Word will always get us through to the next obstacle. And we can have peace that passes all earthly explanation because it is a peace only found in Him.

**Disclosure** This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Litfuse Publicity.

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