Monday, September 28, 2015

Litfuse Review: Pass It On by:Jim Burns/Jeremy Lee

Pass It On: Celebrating Your Family's Rites of Passage
About the Book:
Parents often experience a “freak out” moment when they realize their children’s view of God will primarily come from what they learn at home. Most parents spend more time helping their kids succeed at academics or athletics than infusing shared spiritual experiences into the rhythm of everyday family life.

While the idea of strategically passing down our faith can seem intimidating, the annual Rites of Passage Experiences contained in Pass It On make it easy for your family to celebrate milestones from kindergarten through high school graduation. Forever change the direction of your family’s spiritual legacy ... starting now!

My Review: 
 For any parent to try to pass the buck or not even be reassured that it is a parent's job to instill a Christian legacy in them, in my opinion is a cop out. It is of vital importance to pass this on to our children and to ultimately let it begin to span generations. We should not leave this very important tasks to others-these are our babies that we will have to answer for some day. It is very important.

 For me it was very important for them to know and love God as I do. And the most perfect way to do this is to develop a plan of action for a long lasting Christian legacy. I started with my children as baby's reading Bible stories to then and listening to praise music. I think it is imperative for my children and future grand children to walk streets of gold with my husband and I. I can't imagine a more beautiful gift to hand down to them.

 I'm so glad to have received this book as an essential guide to do this for them. The book is very well thought out, researched, and is the best guide I have found so far. I love the author's ideas about each of the different ceremonies and different Rites of Passage Experiences.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Litfuse.

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