Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Elementary Zoology Curriculum Pack

Elementary Zoology (Curriculum Pack)
About the Product:
What elementary student doesn’t love animals? Elementary Zoology combines the study of both land animals and sea creatures, complete with trips to the zoo and aquarium. Our unique package gives the teacher an easy-to-use daily plan to turn these wonderful resources into a complete year of learning our student is going to love!

Weekly Lesson Schedule
Student Worksheets
Quizzes & Test
Answer Key
3rd - 6th grade
1 Year
Package Includes:

World of Animals
Dinosaur Activity Book
The Complete Aquarium Adventure
The Complete Zoo Adventure
Parent Lesson Planner

My Review:
 With the economy the way it has been for several years and our finances being at bare minimum, vacations are just not part of our lives much anymore. They are pretty much few and far between but thanks to Master Books you can take your child on a virtual field trip right in your own home and you can even add movies from a Netflix or something similar and it can only add to the adventure. 

 My children adore animals as I am sure most children do. Master Books Zoology Curriculum Pack fits the bill. This pack which is good for grades 3rd-6th is good for the entire year and it retails for $63.60. And it includes everything they will need for Science. The lesson planner gives you a weekly lesson plan, worksheets, quizzes&tests, and includes the answer key. 

 The World of Animals is a fascinating book full of animal facts. It is basically an animal encyclopedia. Contains great facts and amazing pictures on every page. My sons favorite is the Dinosaur Activity Book. It contains mazes, games, puzzles, and much, much more. Then, if that's not enough included in the pack is The Complete Zoo Adventure and The Complete Aquarium Adventure. These are the two books that transform these lessons from plain old Science into completely and utterly fascinating in minutes. 

 Your children can take their Science curriculum and turn it into something they will never forget. The photographs coupled with all the information they will learn along with all the activities will have your children begging for more.

**Disclosure** This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review through my participation through the Moms of Master Books Blogging Team.


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