Monday, October 26, 2015

Review: Angels: A 90-Day Devotional about God's Messengers by:Christa J. Kinde

About the Book:
Guardian angels. Divine messengers. Fiery spirits. Winged cherubim. The realm where these beings live is invisible to us. Most of the time, so are the angels themselves. So how do we know they’re real? How can we be sure they’re there? And what do we really know about them?

Angels explores over one hundred Bible passages in which angels make an appearance. In addition, there are Q and As, myths busters, hymns, Bible story retellings, pop culture references, and trivia that help you sort fact from fiction. And sometimes, these devotionals teach through fiction, using the cast of Christa Kinde’s Threshold series, in which angels play a feature role.

So spend the next ninety days really exploring the world of angels, and discover more about what is taking place all around you. 

My Review:
 Angels are not sweet precious and have wings made of feathers. They are part of God's arsenal against the enemy and any strongholds that he uses to tear us down. They can come as messengers just like the one that told Mary she would give birth to the Messiah or they could be like the same angel that came to Joseph and explained the situation to him. They are sent to help God carry out different things He needs done.

 Based entirely on scripture, this Angels devotional gives you 90 days worth of devotions that will send your head reeling on the subject of angels. I myself didn't realize how in depth that it was to go but many things are explored and explained further--to help us understand the subject even better. This is a book meant for ages 8 and up. I believe it should be for a little bit older, maybe high school because of the subject matter. A good overall devotional for your child to sink their teeth into.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Zonderkidz.

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