Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Monsterland by:Michael Phillip Cash

About the Book:
Welcome to Monsterland – the scariest place on Earth. All guests can interact with real vampires in Vampire Village, be chased by an actual werewolf on the River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville.
Wyatt Baldwin, a high school student and life-long movie buff is staring bleakly at a future of flipping burgers. Due to a fortuitous circumstance, Wyatt and his friends are invited to the star-studded opening of Monsterland. In a theme park full of real vampires, werewolves and zombies, what could possibly go wrong?

My Review:
 Imagine a place, where zombies roam, werewolves howl all night, and vampires are heavy metal musicians? Only in Monsterland will you see it all. And in a place full of monsters, what could possibly go wrong?

Wyatt wants nothing more than to be noticed by the most popular girl in school, but it seems she is only into the athletic type. And when he finally gets the chance to actually speak to the girl, his dear brother ruins it with a simple slap on the back.

Melvin is as dorky as one dork can be. His life his so full of everything from aliens to scary movies that he just doesn't have time for anything else.

Howard is totally oblivious when a girl likes him or not, he just can’t keep up with it all. But one thing he does know is there is one girl he wants to be his and he isn’t to scared to make tat known.

 So when these three kids along with a few friends and Wyatt’s bratty brother get a once in a life time chance to go to the notorious Monsterland, they are ecstatic. But things aren’t all they seem at that theme park, for there is great evil at work.

Monsterland is a wonderful book full of blood, gore, and monsters. I really enjoyed this book and found it to be a great read. If you are looking for something to frighten you, look no further. This book will give a real good scare.

**NOTE** For Foul Language
**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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