Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Litfuse Review: War for the Waking World by:Wayne Thomas Batson

The War for the Waking World
About the Book:
Would you be willing to fight for your dreams?

Fifteen-year-old Archer Keaton has the ability to enter and explore his dreams. He is a Dreamtreader, one of three selected from each generation. Their mission: to protect the waking world from the Nightmare Lord who dwells beyond the Slumber Gate. But as Archer s dreams become more dangerous and threatening, so too does his waking life.

In this fast-paced conclusion to the exciting fantasy trilogy, the dream world and the waking world bleed into each other when a rift is formed between the two. People in the real world suddenly find their waking lives resemble their wildest dreams. Now it s up to Archer and his fellow Dreamtreaders to race to reverse the rift before too much damage is done and to battle Archer s ex-best friend, Kara, who sits on the throne of the Nightmare Lord. Kara is building an army of her own. Will Archer be strong enough to stand against her?"

My Review:

Archer Keaton has th ability to enter dreams. And being a Dreamtreader he has seen many crazy things but never have they been as crazy as what is in front of him now. The world has went crazy, humans now have the same abilities as those of the Dreamtreaders. Monsters rampage the cities and nightmares are around every corner. Archer, his little sister, and Razz the flying squirrel are the only ones there that can help, but there seems to be something else at work.

Archer soon learns that someone has many charges against him. But with the world going nuts, who has time for that. With the help of many Dreamtreaders, he must hunt down the one person that has caused it all. The one person that has too much power in their hands. The one person he never wanted to see again. His ex-best friend, Kara, has an army rising and will stop at nothing to see Archer dead.

War for the Waking World is book three iin the Dreamtreaders series. This book was an epic read full of  adventure. I have grown to love this series and really hate to see it end. But the author did a wonderful job on this book and I loved every second of it.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Litfuse.

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