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CFBA Review: Robin by:Julane Hiebert

This week, the
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Wings of Hope Publishing Group (November 15, 2015)
Julane Hiebert


Julane is first of all a child of God. She is also a wife to Bob, mother to two living sons,Kip and Rob, two daughters in heaven, two wonderful daughters-in-law, Becky and Tami, and grandmother to six perfectly wonderful grands, as well as an additional three ‘other grands’. She lives with her husband in a wee cottage by a small lake nestled in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas.

Though encouraged by many to pen the story of raising two daughters with an incurable disease, she has chosen to incorporate the lessons learned into the lives of her not-too-perfect characters. Her passion is to present the promises and hope found in God’s Word in down-to-earth, everyday experiences through her stories.

Julane loves reading, decorating, junking, antiques, and chocolate! No particular order, but one would be safe to insert chocolate between all other interests.


In 1877 the Wenghold sisters inherited an overwhelming debt with their father’s passing. An uncle they’ve never met offers a solution—come help on his Kansas cattle ranch. The oldest sister, Robin, agrees to go.

Ty Morgan has suffered through a year of misery after being jilted by the town beauty a few months before their wedding. But a tornado whirls an unexpected breath of hope into his heart when he rescues Robin, his neighbor’s newly arrived niece, and a small boy who was orphaned by the storm.

Robin’s crippled leg prevents her from being a real help to Uncle John, but she seems to be exactly who Ty needs to heal his broken heart. Until his former fiancĂ©e returns and a mysterious, elusive stranger casts worry over the entire community.

A woman determined to honor her obligations, a man entangled in a long ago-made commitment, an orphaned child in need of security . . . Can God guide these three souls to peace and fulfillment together?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Robin, go HERE.

My Review:
Robin Wenghold has been crippled since birth. Everyone has laughed at her and she's tired of it. So when her uncle writes her and her two sisters about needing help, she jumps on a train to Kansas hoping to prove herself and hopefully help pay off her deceased father's debt. Upon arrival she believes that Kansas has something against her; first, her uncle never coming to pick her up; then, a tornado. But all seems well when a very handsome Ty Morgan arrives to get her and deliver her to her uncle.

Ty Morgan finally has made it to a breaking point in his life, a year after his love left him. Robin seems to be a breath of fresh air and he even finds himself drawn to her. On the wagon ride over to the Wenghold ranch, they happen upon an orphan boy, whose mother is dead not that far away. Ty leaves the boy in Robin's care, but wishes for nothing more than to find the boy's father. Everyday he visits Robin and the boy and everyday he seems to want nothing more than to be with them. But one sunday, something unbelievable happens, his old love shows up once more, telling everyone their engagement is back on.

Will Ty ever decide who he truly loves and who he can't live without? Is the boys father closer than it truly seems?

Robin is book one in the Brides of a Feather series. This book had many awesome aspects. I really enjoyed this book and I hope to read the other books in this series.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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