Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: The Peaceful Wife by:April Cassidy

The Peaceful Wife
About the Book:
In today's world, women are often rewarded for having type A personalities. Driven, demanding women achieve higher positions, better salaries, and praise for their ambition. They learn to be confident, take-charge leaders who can handle anything on their own. Yet when it comes to their marriages, those same traits can backfire. After all, no one goes into marriage hoping for a promotion. What is a wife to do?

April Cassidy knows this struggle firsthand. She thought she was a great Christian wife and begged God to make her passive husband into a more loving, involved, godly leader. Instead, God opened her eyes to changes that she needed to make, such as laying down her desire for control and offering genuine, unconditional respect--not just love--to her husband. The Peaceful Wife focuses on Cassidy's experience and its life-changing properties, providing a template for others to follow.

Cassidy's conclusions may be as shocking to readers as they were to her, but she backs up her own tale with stories from her blog readers, and also includes recommendations for further study. She walks through baby steps on how to change, addressing questions such as:

- What is respect?
- How can you show respect?
- How is being respectful different from being loving?

In the end, The Peaceful Wife is a powerful path to God's design for women to live in full submission to Christ as Lord.

My Review:
 I gravitated towards this book when I seen it come up for review. I was a wild girl to say the least when my now husband found me. I had a stubborn streak and a mouth to match. There was nothing and I mean nothing that you could say that would change my mind or my heart. I was always right about everything and there was nothing anyone could do to detour me from it. My sweet husband had his work cut out for him. What I didn't realize was that God was getting ready to change me. And God really had His work cut out for Him. I blamed Him for a lot of hurts that come my way so much so that I stayed mad at Him for years and refused to speak to Him, again.

 He has done a lot of changing in me---in my heart and my mind. I am way more submissive now than I have ever been. To the point that my husband would say too much sometimes. Let me say that when you change your focus to a more Christ centered focused you will do what ever it takes to please God. Disappointing Him further was something I have worked years to change within myself and because of that I depended on Him even more than I ever had.

 The Peaceful Wife is one woman's journey to a life of selflessness. A life of handing everything over to God more. So much so that her life changed as a result. And I here to tell you that yours will too! God is a Father that demands respect and He doesn't take too kindly to pride. If you have even a smidgen of pride in your heart, He is determined to rid you from it. The Peaceful Wife is a great book to find out how to start on a journey of this magnitude on your own with God steering the ship!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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