Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Litfuse Review: Finding God in the Ruins by:Matt Bays

Finding God in the Ruins: How God Redeems Pain
About the Book:
When the reality of your pain doesn’t line up with what you’ve been taught in church, then what? While many abandon their faith or embrace hopelessness, it is possible to discover the God who heals your heart in the midst of the pain.

Matt Bays has been where you are. His unforgettable stories of loss and healing will usher you into a life where gratitude overpowers anger, hope overcomes despair, and hunger for God replaces indifference to God. With a fresh and original writing style, Bays demonstrates that true redemption is far more powerful than the temporary fixes of sanitized Christianity.

My Review:
 Matt Bays, brings us a sense of hope and renewal. A place where when you need encouragement you can find it because he will show you where God showed up in people's lives and they accepted the hope He offered. 

 Too many times in this world of sin we will find things that have happened to people and be so angry with it that it tears at our souls. We question God through the tears and wonder how He could ever let this be. God in His infinite wisdom lets us be and lets us cry and shout and otherwise be angry. But I don't think He wants us to stay there for very long.

 A lot of the situations that people have to go through or endure is part of the growing in Christ process. These things are something that is suppose to bridge the gap between the individual and the Father. What is so incredibly sad is, is that a lot of times many of these individuals fail to see it and because of this they can suffer disastrous effects as a result.

 The author took a group of individuals and their stories of recovery in Christ and changed the paradox a bit in order for the rest of us to live in a freedom that maybe we only dream about. 

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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