Monday, May 9, 2016

Review: A Commentary on the Psalms Vol. 3 by:Allen P. Ross

 A Commentary on the Psalms: 90-150, Volume 3
About the Book:
Final volume in acclaimed Psalms commentary by Allen P. Ross

For thousands of years, Psalms has been one of the richest resources for worship and development of the spiritual life. Pastors, teachers, and all serious students of the Bible will find this commentary invaluable for developing an understanding of Psalms and for improving one's ability to exposit it with precision and depth. This is the third of a three-volume commentary on Psalms.

The commentary includes discussion throughout of the three primary challenges to understanding Psalms:

- Textual issues: Every major textual difficulty is addressed in order to help the expositor understand the interpretive issues and make decisions when there are multiple available readings.- Poetic language: The Psalms are full of poetic imagery, devices, and structures. Ross discusses this "language" of Hebrew poetry in its context with each psalm, specifying the precise devices being used and how they work in the psalm.- Grammar and syntax: The Hebrew of Psalms poses a challenge to many expositors. This commentary illuminates Hebrew constructions and word meanings in a way that is helpful both to readers who are comfortable with Hebrew and those who are not.

All three-volumes of A Commentary on the Psalms by Dr. Ross are now also available as a set!

My Review:
 A great sermon or Sunday school lesson can be made complete by a really good commentary. My husband and daughter both are attending seminary and before the prepare something to speak on they almost always have a commentary near by to read up on the subject or topic that they will speak about.  Commentaries are a good way to look for further definition and explanation on scripture. Not all commentaries are created equal though, so it's good idea to read through several before making your selection.

A Commentary on the Psalms Vol. 3, this is volume 3 by the author and even though I didn't personally review the first two volumes I can positively say that I'm sure they were just as thorough as this volume and just as well researched. Let's face it, Psalms is not an easy task to take on, but take it on he did. The author manages to give us Hebrew meanings along with his other commentary and I feel this could be very beneficial to the minister or seminary student trying to digest any of the Psalms.

 He gives many explanations on almost every verse. His method is very thorough and very understandable, along with extremely helpful. He has also provided meanings to the Hebrew notations, I really liked that feature. It can be said that most commentaries are very full of the authors own opinions, but I have with this commentary the author tried very hard to remain neutral and that was also something that I enjoyed seeing. A very good commentary that could become a very useful tool to a minister or student.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.