Monday, May 23, 2016

Review: Naming Our Abuse by:Schmutzer/Gorski/Carlson

 Naming Our Abuse: God's Pathways to Healing for Male Sexual Abuse Survivors
About the Book:
A stunningly vulnerable look at the horrific realities of sexual abuse and how to overcome them Male sexual abuse is increasingly in the news, from scandals in the Catholic Church to exploitation's at Penn State. Yet books and programs about healing are still overwhelmingly oriented toward the female survivor of abuse. As men who experienced childhood abuse, the authors of this book are uniquely qualified to address the healing process of male survivors.

Using the metaphor of a car accident, Naming Our Abuse leads the survivor from the Wreck to the Accident Report to Rehabilitation to Driving Again. This four--step model illustrates that healing is a process to be nurtured rather than something that can be healed in a single telling. Following the authors' examples, readers are invited to find solidarity with other male survivors and develop an understanding of their own wounding through journaling exercises.

My Review:
 Abuse has been around forever! But just as technology advances the evil things of this world also advance. Abuse isn't always directed towards women or children either, boys and men can become victims, as well. But this book Naming Our Abuse focuses on the male aspect of this very tragic equation. This book is a basic guidebook to help the survivor or victim get to the place where God can heal him.

 Sexual abuse has become so rampant that you will always come across run into or know someone that this has happened to. God does not want them to remain the victim. He needs for them to see that they are the victor in their situation and that He will redeem what is lost. The author provides a few exercises to help get to the process of healing and moving on that maybe the victim couldn't see before.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.