Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: There Will Be Stars by:Billy Coffey

There Will Be Stars
About the Book:
“In a life full of lies, he settled finally for the truth.”

No one in Mattingly ever believed Bobby Barnes would live to see old age. Drink would either rot Bobby from the inside out or dull his senses just enough to send his truck off the mountain on one of his nightly rides. Although Bobby believes such an end possible—and even likely—it doesn’t stop him from taking his twin sons Matthew and Mark into the mountains one Saturday night. A sharp curve, blinding headlights, metal on metal, his sons’ screams. Bobby’s final thought as he sinks into blackness is a curious one—there will be stars.

Yet it is not death that greets him beyond the veil. Instead, he returns to the day he has just lived and finds he is not alone in this strange new world. Six others are trapped there with him.

Bobby soon discovers that rather than the place of peace he had been led to believe he was in, it’s actually a place of secrets and hidden dangers. Along with three others, he seeks to escape, even as the world around him begins to crumble. The escape will lead some to greater life, others to endless death . . . and Bobby Barnes to understand the deepest nature of love.

My Review:
Bobby Barnes is the president of drunk on his side of the mountain. Everyone believes he will never change, no matter what. No matter what anyone says or thinks, Bobby is just fine doing as he wants. So one night he goes out on one of his nightly trips, with his twin sons beside him he is having a good ole time. Down a couple beers on the way back to his house, he does his best to stay on the road. But when bright headlights blind him, all he can hear is metal on metal and screams, before everything goes black.

He awakens to find the day he just lived starting again. his old bat of a neighbor asking after her car and all. Bobby doesn't know what to think, for some reason he can't remember that night before. Uncertain what to think he and his sons drive into town. There he learns that he is no longer among the living, but why? He finds himself surrounded by people stuck just like him, with stories all different.

Bobby tries to learn the truth behind it all but what happens when he finds darker secret than what he ever expected.

There Will Be Stars is an amazing book. I had a hard time putting it down and found every aspect of it so interesting I kept begging for more. I have read some of this author's books and he still hasn't disappointed.

**This book had a few cuss words**

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.