Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review: Culture of the Few:Following Jesus Transforming Culture by:Brad McKoy

 Culture of the Few: Following Jesus. Transforming Culture.
About the Book:

In Culture of the Few, first-time author Brad McKoy takes would-be world changers on a journey to discover how Jesus impacted and transformed the culture around Him- and the answer might not be what you expect. Jesus is still in the business of turning ordinary men and women into history makers by inviting them into His daily life. As the ultimate "agent of change", it is Jesus' example we need to follow. This book examines five key areas in the life of Jesus that allowed Him to intentionally invest into the lives of a few fishermen: Identity, Invitation, Intentionality, Intercession, and Intimacy.

By looking at the life of Jesus along with stories of His disciples today, Culture of the Few creates a call to action that invites readers to follow Jesus in everyday ways, transforming the culture around them. The results of this kind of lifestyle are often small intentional actions that lead to unimaginable kingdom impact.

My Review:
 Jesus can get to us, no matter who or what gets in His way--we should always remember that and take it to heart. Our God and Our Jesus will come for us no matter the cost. He does this in a number of different ways and many times we can't even fully comprehend how He accomplishes this. Taking a look back to Jesus' day you can see when we read God's word how when Jesus arrived on the scene things happened. He didn't just come in a take a rest break from the daily abuse the heat and sand was taking on His feet. He didn't need to sit first with ice tea in hand and say I will transform this place after I sit a minute.

 No, he got up and went right to work doing the Father's business and He expects us to do the same. He wants us to roll up our sleeves and love those around us and tell them all about Him and how He transformed us. The author invites us into the not so calm and serene world around us to find those that need Him one life, one breath at a time. His goal is one life one day at a time. He values that one just like He values a million. An amazing God that loves us whole and He loves us broken.

 The author will offer you the life changing moments that touched his life in the hopes that they will change yours, as well. Pretty amazing stories that I can fully understand why they mean so much in this world and beyond.

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.