Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review: Hunted by:Sandra Robbins

 Hunted (Firebrand Book 2)
About the Book:
After over one hundred documented missions as Gray Feather, the elusive military sniper, Colt Hanson is trying to put his former life behind him. However, a mission he carried out in Africa against the rebel leader of The Leopard Army still haunts his dreams because the shot that ended the life of the sadistic killer also brought about the failure of his marriage. 

 Now after five years, members of The Leopard Army have come to America to sell a diamond that will enable them to buy guns to carry on their rebellion, and they are seeking vengeance on Colt for killing their leader. But they also have targeted Colt’s estranged wife Sloan, and the two find themselves thrown together again as they become the prey of the vicious hunter known as Nimrod. If Colt is to save Sloan’s life, they must put their differences aside and work together as they begin a cross-country journey trying to elude Nimrod who has vowed he will not stop until Gray Feather and his woman are both dead. 

My Review: 
 Number 2 in the Firebrand series takes us through what Colt Hanson has had to enure since he left his former life behind him a life that he thought was over but apparently is still chasing after him. Hunted, is full of crazy, crazy suspense. I have read this author's work before and reviewed it but I think she really has a knack for this genre more than any other. It is literally a made for TV book that you simply can NOT put down.

 Colt and Sloan have to master this one together. Colt's estranged wife is in danger and he has to keep her protected because her life is at stake. But soon it is made known that both of them will lose their lives if they do not cooperate with the infamous Nimrod.

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.