Thursday, August 18, 2016

Review: Time for Bed, Sleepyhead: The Falling Asleep Book by:Daniel G. Amen

 Time for Bed, Sleepyhead: The Falling Asleep Book
About the Book:
Ten-time New York Times bestselling author and child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen teams up with artist Gail Yerrill to create a book that helps facilitate sleep. Time for Bed, Sleepyhead pairs whimsical illustrations with storytelling techniques to tire your child’s imagination in order to help them settle down at bedtime and fall asleep.

 Read aloud the story of little bear and his friends as they have a big day at the beach, then return home to eat dinner, take their baths, and head to bed, falling gently to sleep alongside your little one.

My Review:
 Based on the author's own experience with his own child and reading to them each night. He created this book for us to experiment with our own child and their bedtime routine. The author used this very story in a way to "tire" his child out enough and to fall asleep faster. The story is one that will take the child on a virtual field trip of sorts and lead you on a fascinating adventure that slows down in the end and nestles our children softly in the bed for bedtime.

 The momma bear in the story tells the little bear cub that when we fall asleep our brain cleans itself and other fascinating yet interesting science related facts that children may not know. While I see that this is a book primarily for use at bedtime. I do feel that it is a bit overdone and frankly a little long for younger ages. My son is 6 and he was very bored with the story. He wasn't a big fan.

 But on a side note, I do absolutely love the illustrations. They are bold, beautiful, and make the story come to life!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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