Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review: Answers to the Most Important Questions About the End Times by:Dr. John Hart

 Answers to the Most Important Questions about the End Times: Will I Have to Go Through the Tribulation? Who Is the Antichrist? What Is Armageddon? What Will the New Jerusalem Be Like? and Many More
About the Book:
Everything You Need to Know about the End Times in One Guide
For everyone who is curious, confused, or even fearful about Jesus' second coming, the Antichrist, the end of the world, the book of Revelation, and biblical prophecy, Dr. John Hart clearly and respectfully offers real, biblical answers. He reveals exactly what God's Word says as well as what it doesn't say, explaining how it impacts your family and friends. This slender volume answers everyone's most-asked questions, and even includes a list of Bible references for further study.

My Review:
 Many end times strategist will tell you that we are all doomed and there is no hope and they are right to a certain extent. The only hope we have is that hope that is found in Christ Jesus and Him alone. Dr. John Hart addresses many common concerns that you or others you encounter may have about the end times. Based on scripture and some of the author's own commentary you are invited to decide for yourselves the weight and magnitude of the subject as well as how we as believers fit into God's master plan.

 The author believes in the Pre Tribulation theory as do many and most of his commentary comes from this way of thinking. If you are not in agreement this may not be the book for you but I did find most of his research to align with my beliefs. He is very well versed and researched and provided a very interesting read on the end times. His answers are concise and easy to understand. So I really think that new believers would enjoy this book because of the ease of explanations from the author.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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