Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Discerning Your Call To Ministry by:Jason K. Allen

 Discerning Your Call to Ministry: How to Know For Sure and What to Do About It
About the Book:
If you are considering the ministry, there are two mistakes you must avoid. The first is taking up a calling that isn’t yours. The second is neglecting one that is.

Discerning Your Call to Ministry will help you know the difference. A tool for seminary students, pastors-in-training, and even current pastors, it serves to confirm or prompt deep thought about the calling to ministry through 10 probing questions, including:

Do you desire the ministry?
Does your church affirm your calling?
Do you love the people of God?
Are you willing to surrender?
Pastoral dropout rates are high, and seminary admission rates are declining—signs that many of us don’t quite know what we’re signing ourselves up for. Author Jason Allen, a former pastor and the president of North America’s fastest growing seminary, gives readers a better picture of the calling. Presenting a series of diagnostic questions informed by Scripture, church history, and his own experience, he helps those seeking ordination or ministry positions make confident decisions about their service to God, one way or the other.

My Review:
 I would like to say that I can speak on this subject a little but because my husband was called into the ministry. It has been an uphill battle for him. He has fought to keep the calling and he has fought against keeping it. When in reality this will be something that God will not remove or so we have learned through this whole process.

 The minute that my husband felt that it could possibly took from him, he was heartbroken. But he researched it and found that that could not be farther from the truth. God does not remove that call. He was so fearful of it yet he could not let go of it. The pressure that is felt upon a call into ministry, at least for my husband was so incredibly strong---it could NOT be ignored. God will not be ignored!

 Th author goes through each qualification for ministry that is listed in 1 Timothy 3 with a fine tooth comb and it explains them thoroughly. I really enjoyed hearing his thoughts and commentary on the subject and I will pass this on to my husband. The subject is very well researched and the book was a small short read. A really great book for anyone trying to discern their calling. He even explains the differences in each type of calling. I didn't realize there were several different types. A great thought provoking read!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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