Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: On Preaching by:H.B. Charles, JR.

 On Preaching: Practical Advice for Effective Preaching
About the Book:
If you are a pastor, you know the importance of preaching. You have spent time learning and refining the art of oration because it is vital to the life of God's people - including the person doing the preaching.

HB Charles has written a masterful and easy-to-read resource that will refresh your soul and revitalize your preaching ministry. He gives tips like, "Avoid indecent exposure - Get your wife's permission before using your family in the message" and, "Illustrate! A good illustration is like a window on a house. It helps your listeners see in or out." Drawing upon Scripture and years of experience as a preacher, On Preaching is a resource for pastors, seminarians, church planters, and public speakers that is full of energy and wonderfully enjoyable.

Written in a very clear and concise manner, this resource is formatted into 30 short chapters that can easily be read as a devotional. On Preaching will encourage seasoned preachers to dig deeper into the basics as they pause and reflect on the effectiveness of their ministry. It will also serve as a spring board for those who are just beginning a preaching ministry.

My Review:
 Being the wife a mother of two ministers, one being my husband the other my daughter, I am hear to tell you that preaching is something that they both take very seriously. It isn't something that they go into with a calm reserve. It's just the beginning for both of them but they would never dream of making it an entertainment hour or decide to copy someone's sermon. These are two of the subjects that the author addresses and he advises against both of them.

 I was excited for the chance to review this book because I needed to find something having to do with the subject matter in order to encourage and uplift a man that I know struggles with his calling. He is a great man and he has a hard time facing the fear of public speaking. It takes a lot of courage to go up to a pulpit and preach. There are some many factors that play into it and it takes supernatural strength to accomplish this feat.

 My husband is now the proud owner of this book. He reads much like a devotional and says that the authors insight has been very helpful to him and has put a lot into perspective for him. Mr. Charles has provided a lot of commentary about his own lessons this process and the things he has learned. I enjoyed the book and it can be real helpful to seminary students or veteran ministers.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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