Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting by:Dr. Sam Serio

 Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting
About the Book:
Today's church has sadly failed to minister to men and women deeply affected by porn, abortion, rape, casual sex, a sexless marriage, same-sex attraction, or childhood sexual abuse. Church leaders know these broken people sit in their pews. What they don't know is what to say to them. Those who would speak out directly from the pulpit worry that they will be unwise or insensitive, whatever their intent to the contrary. They may even fear being fired and losing their ministry altogether.

The truth is that seminary curriculum rarely prepare preachers to talk about sex in their sermons. Despite the pervasiveness of sexual wounds in the church, preachers tend to either ignore them and say nothing or abhor them without nuance and condemn. Sam Serio posits a powerful and necessary middle ground: preaching that offers forgiveness, transformation, and restoration.

My Review:
 In a world that is filling up fast with all things sexual or that have a sexual connotation, this book is something every preacher, minister, pastor, or seminary student needs to read to help adjust to the growing demand of the sick and hurting in our world. So what is a minister to do when faced with all the obstacles that are not only being thrown in front of him but also in front of the world his congregation live in? He takes the bull by the horns and he figures out how to address the problems of this fallen world.

 The seminary student rarely learns just how to address this and many ministers are afraid to minister to these types in their congregation or feel it doesn't apply to the people that they shepherd but sadly it does. Whether it is homosexuality or a painful past that evolve from a sexual encounter of any sort the truth is, is that people are hurting and we need to get them to Jesus and there is only one way to do that and it's not hiding from it.

 The author walks you through addressing the issues that plague many of us today and he shows you on what stance to go after these people to bring them to the feet of Jesus. He addresses several different types of the sexually hurting and he shows you how to address those individuals when you speak in a way of showing them the light to Jesus. A powerful read, for sure!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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