Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Review: Meddlin' Madeline: Sweet on You by:Chautona Havig

 Sweet on You
About the Book:
"It is my hypothesis that social conventions are created to test our fortitude. " Rockland circa 1900- As the mayor's daughter, Madeline Brown enjoys a rich social life that many might envy. But a sharp mind and a growing talent for observation leaves Madeline torn between avoiding social censure and exploring the world ar
ound her. With an aunt who considers higher education and employment equally unsuitable for the mayor's daughter, there is little to amuse her save endless committee meetings, evening socials, and her favorite pastime: curling up with an exciting detective novel. 

The temperance and suffrage movements hold little interest for a young woman who has just endured the rigors of her father's mayoral campaign. So when a young man shows interest in her friend, Madeline's interest piques--until his actions hint that he might not be the upstanding gentleman everyone presumes him to be. Unable to ignore her concerns, Madeline finds herself in the middle of an investigation into his character and discovers a side of Rockland she's never encountered. 

Will her new hobby reduce the tedium of her life, or will her "meddling" create tension for herself and her father? Will she be forced to squelch this budding skill of hers or has Madeline finally found her calling in life. Meddlin' Madeline: Welcome to Rockland's infancy.

My Review:
 Meddlin' Madeline is such a precious character. A girl I could really admire. She really has an eye for the tiniest details and that makes her a great person to have around because she can spot things that are wrong with any given situation almost immediately.

 She basically has a lot of time on her hands because she is "just the mayors daughter"---nothing really exciting going on there. But even though she considers the "meddling" that she does to be important work no one else really does and she soon learns that it is creating tension for her with her family maybe a little too much.

 A girl that has strong instincts and quality sound morals that tries to help those around her is how I would describe the story line and the main character. The plot line is strong and it was overall a fun read and had some really exciting highs. If you would like to learn more about the book, you can here.

There is a giveaway for this book, here.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.