Monday, December 19, 2016

Review: The Women of Easter by:Liz Curtis Higgs

 The Women of Easter: Encounter the Savior with Mary of Bethany, Mary of Nazareth, and Mary Magdalene
About the Book:
This Season of Grace,
Deepen Your Faith in God
Who So Loved the World
that He Gave Us His Son.

You re about to meet three women named Mary, each of whom has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Mary of Bethany prepares the way for the Lord s burial when she anoints His feet and fills the air with her perfume. His mother, Mary of Nazareth, remains by His side from His first breath to His last, her loyalty unwavering. Mary Magdalene, delivered of seven demons, bravely supports her Teacher through His darkest hours and then proclaims the glorious news of His resurrection.
What a trio. What a Savior!

Your mind and emotions will be engaged and your faith strengthened as each scene unfolds, preparing your heart for a richer, deeper Easter experience. Liz Curtis Higgs, a seasoned Bible teacher and award-winning novelist, combines her storytelling skills with a thorough verse-by-verse study of Scripture as together you explore the remarkable lives of the women of Easter.
Liz Curtis Higgs is one of the most amazing teachers of God s Word that I have ever experienced. Her in-depth knowledge of the Scriptures, gifting as a communicator, and personal relationship with the Lord make her unmatched in the ability to take biblical truth and make it applicable to anybody.
Priscilla Shirer, New York Times best-selling author of Fervent"

My Review:
 Everyone gets to play a role in the ministry of Christ. Whether you are an innocent on-looker or you were deeply involved with the man Jesus, we all play a role. The Women of Easter is a book that centers around three women that knew Christ and knew Him well. They each deserve to be examined and we follow their lead as they prepare us for whats coming in the life of our Savior as well as our own. This is an examination of sorts on the three Mary's that loved Jesus from the moment that they knew Him and way beyond death.

 Mary of Bethany the sister of Lazarus knew that Jesus was important and would sit at His feet to listen to Him. Mary of Nazareth the mother of Jesus played the important role of mother as well as nurturer. She knew at conception that she was chosen to do a very important job for God Himself. Then there was Mary Magdalene delivered from demonic warfare and was a follower of Jesus from that moment on. Each of these women played a pivotal role to help spread the gospel in their own way and to help Jesus achieve what He ultimately did and that was to lay down His life for all of us.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review. All opinions are my own.