Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Review: Summer on Sunset Ridge by:Sharlene MacLaren

 Summer on Sunset Ridge (Forever Freedom #1)
About the Book:
Brought up on a Quaker farm near Philadelphia at the brink of the Civil War, plainspoken Rebecca Albright is expected to be charitable, peace-loving, and submissive. However, those traits don't always come naturally to the feisty abolitionist. Spirited and spunky, Rebecca's chief ambition is to aid the Underground Railroad no matter the cost - until her path collides with slave-catcher Sheriff Clay Dalton who's grimly fighting battles of his own. When tensions between the North and South escalate, the two find themselves propelled on a journey to discover just who God has called them to be ~ and to determine whether their newfound friendship can stand up to a myriad of conflicts.

My Review:
 The Quakers had much to be admired for. Their humble, quiet spirit is something that in this day and time would be considered weak. But as I age, I start to go the more quiet way a lot more often. But in the story, Summer on Sunset Ridge, we meet Rebecca Albright and she is anything but quiet. She is very much against slavery and all it stands for and she isn't afraid to admit it. With the help of her family they go about trying to do all they can to help the slaves to freedom.

 But one fateful night they are met with some opposition but not how you might think. The known slave catcher Sheriff Clay Dalton gets injured trying to hunt down two slaves and the strong abolitionist Rebecca has to nurse him back to health. This book makes for a very interesting read. It ends totally different than what I expected and its a quick read, as well.

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**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.