Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: Healing a Heart by:Amy Lillard

 Healing a Heart (Cattle Creek #2)
About the Book:
The author of Loving a Lawman invites you back to the ranch...
As cowboys, the Langston brothers of Cattle Creek, Texas, know it’s easy to mend a fence. Mending a broken heart, however, takes time...
Rancher Jake Langston prides himself on being the sensible type. But five years after the loss of his wife left him to raise their daughter alone, he indulges in a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. He thought he’d never see the woman again. Four months later, though, she’s standing in his drive with a big surprise.

Bryn Talbot wants nothing from the hunky cowboy who got her pregnant, but her Southern nature demands she at least tell him about it. When Jake’s family persuades her to stay for a while, she’s soon won over by their charms—and by Jake. But with the losses the two of them have suffered in the past, neither is sure if they’re ready to take the leap to forever...

My Review:
 They say that love is very complicated and nothing says complicated more than a death of a loved one and a surprise pregnancy but these two things are exactly what Jake Langston is going through right now. If anyone can tell you their life is complicated than it's Jake. He didn't think a one night stand long after the death of his wife would really matter considering it had been so long. He definitely didn't bargain on seeing this stranger again.

 But surprise, surprise Bryn shows up at Jake's with very surprising news. She has decided she can do this on her own, but figured he would want to at least know. After spending some real time around this guy and his family, she starts falling for them. She doesn't know now what she can do about this. Everything gets complicated for Bryn, as well.

 Amy Lillard is a great writer! She is a nice person, as well. She loves writing and it is easy to see in the words that she pens. she writes about the love and generosity of others and I believe she can be put into that category along with them. Her characters take on a life of their own. After, reading many of her books I feel like I know each and every character. They become like family!

 Healing a Heart is no different. You fall in love with Jake and sort of don't like Bryn because maybe she is just taking advantage but before long you fall in love with her too! Jake and Bryn have to come to grips with many things that have happened in their separate lives to be able to enjoy what is going on in their present lives. This plot line was gripping in the fact that you weren't sure what decision either of them would make in the end.

 This is a Cattle Creek Novel.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.