Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review: Behind the Scenes by:Jen Turano

 Behind the Scenes (Apart from the Crowd, #1)
About the Book:
Miss Permilia Griswold, the wallflower behind "The Quill" gossip column, knows everything that goes on in the ballrooms of New York. When she overhears a threat against the estimable Mr. Asher Rutherford, she's determined to warn him. Away from society's spotlight, Asher and Permilia discover there's more going on behind the scenes than they anticipated.

My Review: 
 Jen Turano should be a comedienne. Behind the Scenes was so funny. I would love to know the leading character, Miss Permilia Griswold in real life. She has a lot of sass and spunk. Somehow this lady is in all the right places at the wrong times. She overhears things that she shouldn't and of course she repeats it because she writes a gossip column.

 But I'm going to tell you this lady is going places she is always in for an adventure. she seems like such a free spirit, she doesn't ever seem worried about how the bills are going to get paid--which is always a concern of mine and I think it should be hers, too. Asher is a peculiar sort. I wasn't too happy with him or his character. He was an irritating man, I felt.

 The writing of Ms. Turano is great as always but some parts of the store sort of left my head nodding off. But it ended well and the story line was a new and different one! Overall, a good read!


**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.

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