Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Review: Squishy Mats for pets - The world's first memory foam mat that folds for pets

About the Product:
What is a Squishy Mat?

Squishy Mats contain almost one inch of Memory Foam - also known as the low resistance polyurethane foam developed by NASA in the 1960s. The surface of each mat is covered by a super soft, micro-flannel fabric and is backed with a nonslip rubber grid. Each mat is durable, sturdy and designed for life on the move.

Squishy mats come in three sizes:

16x32" The Skinny Mini - perfect for little dogs with big personalities and a nice way to protect "their" spot on the couch from hair - folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

3x3' Little Squishy - The Little Squishy fits perfectly in the back of most vehicles, keeping your automobile clean and your fur babies comfortable - folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

4x4' Big Squishy - Let's face the dog is just gonna steal the Squishy Mat from you and your little one. The Big Squishy is truly made with everyone in mind, but buy Scooby Too his own mat and be sure to pick one up for yourself - folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

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 My Review:
 I am just going to say that this little mat is a life saver. Most people would use this for their dog but I use it for my kitty baby, Daisy Mae. My sweet Daisy loves soft and fluffy. She always tries to find a soft blanket to crawl into and hide from my boys that seem to annoy her. The squishy mat is perfect for pets it's available in several different sizes. It is a very soft pad that comes made to be ready for travel. You can use it at home or in the car, anywhere, really. I can roll it right up and fasten it and carry it where and when I need to. No problem, at all.

 I love how well made it is. And I love the fact that it has a very soft furry side and a soft texture side. So it's two sided. This is such a functional piece to own that you can literally think of multiple uses for it. It comes in the standard color creme. If I had my way there would definitely be more colors available. If I have to say anything negative it would only be that I would love other color choices.

 The size that I got a chance to try was the 3'x3' Little Squishy and really it was not "little", at all. It was pretty good size. This product retails for $69.95 for the Little Squishy. A fantastic product! Would be a great gift idea for the holidays!

**Disclosure**This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the sponsor. All opinions are my own.

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