Friday, October 27, 2017

Review: Be the Gift:Let Your Broken Be Turned into Abundance by:Ann Voskamp

 Be the Gift: Let Your Broken Be Turned into Abundance
About the Book:
Be the Gift, by New York Times–bestselling author Ann Voskamp, will challenge and encourage you to listen to God and look for opportunities to be His gift to others.

The idea that even in the depths of our own brokenness God can use each of us to be a gift to someone else is powerful—that He makes each of us enough to give to someone else. Just as powerful is the realization that in becoming God’s gifts to others, our lives become more abundant: “Maybe the only abundant way forward is always to give forward.” Ideas this powerful need to be put into action.

Live out the messages in Ann’s bestselling books, The Broken Way and One Thousand Gifts, with Be the Gift, a practical guide that takes you through each day of the year with ways to bless those around you.

Featuring selections from The Broken Way and Ann’s blog, beautifully designed quotations, inspirational verses, and Ann’s signature photography, this gorgeous book will be an incredible gift to any loved one. It also includes pages of perforated gift tags in the back to include with a meal dropped off for an ailing friend or a pie baked for a friendly neighbor or even passed to a friend with a much-loved book.

One Thousand Gifts encouraged readers to live a life of thanksgiving and to chronicle the gifts from God in their everyday lives. The Broken Way reminded that freedom is not found beyond fear and pain, but within it. Now Be the Gift will unpack and chronicle the next step to really live in communion—opening ourselves up to givenness in spite of our brokenness. 

My Review:
 Ann Voskamp is an author well known for her inspiring and encouraging words. I know for me she has always had something uplifting to say that I can apply or that does apply to my daily life. She takes it above and beyond the normal scripture reference and shows us in a very helpful ways to choose God in all we do.

 Be the Gift is a perfect book with selections from Ann's blog and The Broken Way. It is the collaboration of these two places of encouragement that I can see through the tears and dismal failures I make daily. Her words help me to see that God's grace and my "mess-ups" can meet somewhere in the middle to allow freedom to take place for me. Ann gives life to these words that will definitely pierce your soul.

 Being broken in some ways feels that there is no hope. But being broken in Jesus will give you a total different outlook on this life. Filled with encouraging words, stories, life lessons, Scripture, and beautiful pictures you will surely glean something from Be the Gift.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.

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