Monday, February 19, 2018

Review: How to Break A Stubborn Habit by:Erwin W. Lutzer

 How to Break a Stubborn Habit
About the Book:
When Your Decision to Change Is Not Enough...

You've prayed. You've surrendered your sin to God. You've been more zealous about reading the Bible and attending church. But what do you do when you still can't shake your bad habits?

After discouragement and defeat set in, you need a dose of genuine hope and some biblical, time-tested guidance on breaking free for good. Dr. Erwin Lutzer shows you...

the three essential ground rules you must accept in order to truly change
the secret to dismissing tempting thoughts rather than rehearsing them
the roles of God, Satan, and your loved ones in your success or failure
You've resolved to break a stubborn habit. Now discover the grace, courage, and wisdom to make it happen so you can step out of the past and into a renewed future.

Includes questions for personal study or group discussion.

My Review:
 Bad habit or sinful behavior you take your pick. The author discusses both and how to recognize and deal with them. He also tells you what God says about them and how they should be handled. Among the twelve chapters he is able to lead you through the steps of freedom if only you trust God with what He can do to change your life. Believing God is good is the first step in surviving bad habits and life's temptations.

 Staying trapped by regret does have a way of holding us hostage. So the author through Scripture shows you how to get over this hurdle as well as many others and on to your freedom in Christ Jesus which is promised to all who humbly come before Him.

 It is hard work to overcoming sin as the author leads us to understand. He tells us with time, God's guidance and extreme patience we will be able to overcome this. 

 i liked that the book addresses these issues because it is issues all of us have or have had in the past. The devil tries to keep us in lock down so that we never get to experience the freedom that Jesus died to give us all. A refreshing book for such a time as this.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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