Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review: The DIY Home Planner by:Karianne Wood

 The DIY Home Planner: Practical Tips and Inspiring Ideas to Decorate It Yourself
 **Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Decorate Your Home like a Rock Star!

Popular home decor blogger KariAnne Wood has created this delightful and inspiring home planner just for you. With her infectious joy and humor, KariAnne is there to hold your hand on the decorating road ahead.

Infused with witty, simple, and can-do advice, The DIY Home Planner is packed with unique features to help you realize your decorating dreams:

Convenient pockets to tuck paint chips, fabric samples, and more to keep you organized
Charming illustrations, photos, and diagrams to inform and encourage you
Unique style guides, decision trees, and reference guidelines to inspire confidence in every decorating decision
Easy DIY projects to help you accessorize with personalized style
Incredible extras in the back of the book, including three frameable prints to brighten up your wall decor
Discover these and other amazing tips in every area of home d├ęcor from painted wall treatments to light fixtures to accessories to floors...and so much more!

My Review:
 These days everyone and their brother is into planners. Planners for everything whether it is for a person's daily activities or its for organizing different ideas such is the case with this neat, little book. The DIY Home Planner is a book that helps you decorate your home. A great way to map out what you would like to do around the home. To me, its a great idea to use a book like this because for me I need to write everything down in order to organize it and with this book you can do just that.

 The author gives you many organizing and decorating tips but she also gives you space in order to grid things out. So if you would like to map out your living room space she gives you some grid paper to do just that. She takes you through every aspect of the decorating world like for example discussing flooring she talks about he different types and pro's and con's of each.

 This is the perfect planner to take everywhere with you as you design your space. It has everything!

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