Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Review: Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids by:Sandy Silverthorne

 Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids
**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Any kid can be a comedian with a little help from award-winning author/illustrator Sandy Silverthorne's Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids. Perfect for kids ages 6-12, this zany collection of one-liners (Did you hear about the missing barber? Police are combing the city.), knock-knock jokes (Knock, Knock. Who's there? Pizza. Pizza who? Pizza nice guy, don't you think?), riddles (What's red and goes up and down? A tomato in an elevator.), puns, and funny lists represents some of the world's best clean humor. Add in the author's hilarious illustrations and cartoons, and kids will get hours of fun with the kind of laughs that make milk come out your nose--that is, if you're drinking milk while you read!

My Review:
 Who doesn't like a good joke? Most children love it when they can tell an adult a joke and the adult gets it. I was remembering my four year old niece the other day tell me a knock knock joke and of course I didn't get it. She laughed and laughed. A great memory.

 My son is looking forward to getting his hands on this joke book. He is a jokester and prank puller that enjoys it so much.

 Crack Yourself Up Jokes for Kids, for ages 6-12 but any age would love it and enjoy it. I was even reading some of the jokes to my own children and they loved it. Most of the jokes are pretty corny but they are good and clean.

 It contains a mixture of all types of jokes, riddles, and puns and is the perfect gift for a child that seems quiet and withdrawn. My son is very shy and jokes help him to feel better in awkward situations. With over a hundred pages of jokes, riddles, and puns your child will have a lot of down home fun.


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