Monday, June 17, 2019

Review: It's a Love Story by:Lincee Ray

 It's a Love Story: From Happily to Ever After
**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Human beings love to be loved. And we love to fall in love. As children we pour our love into our pets and our friends. As teenagers we fall in love with musicians and actors and the boy whose locker is next to ours. As we mature, we long for romantic love that will last a lifetime. Sacrificial love, unexplainable love, familial love, desperate love. Love songs and love stories. Clearly we were created with the longing for love ingrained in our souls.

With lots of wit and a bit of wisdom drawn from a lifetime of falling in love, Lincee Ray invites you to an unabashed celebration of that loving feeling. As she reveals the loves of her life and encourages you to recall your own, you'll discover alongside her that there is only one who can ever truly fulfill the deepest longings of our hearts. And he made us to be part of a divine love story.

My Review:
 If any of you are looking for love or have found it or maybe have given up on it, this is the book for you. Lincee Ray writes the sweetest things regarding our Father. she ties in her life and the situations she has been in and sometimes they are heartbreaking moments and sometimes they are down right hilarious. She has quickly became one of my favorites and to top it all off we are friends on Facebook. I know y'all are jealous! I know we could be really good friends in real life, too.

 There are just too many of her life examples to name which is my favorite. Even though she may not know it, she handles each one with a lot of grace and she teaches us that even in the moment we can be courageous for the Lord and loved by Him, more than we could ever imagine.

 From the first page of Lincee's latest writing, "It's a Love Story" she will have you laughing your tail off. Not only do we benefit from her wit and charm, we benefit from God's teachings in it all. This book is a class act and deserves to be recognized for it.

Fantastic beach read, for sure!

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