Saturday, February 22, 2020

Review: Grow, Candace, Grow by:Bure

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 **Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Candace Center Stage, written by Candace Cameron Bure, New York Times bestselling author and star of the hit TV series Full House and Fuller House, tells the story of a little girl who loves to dance. But when her mother signs her up for ballet lessons, Candace quickly realizes she's no ballerina. As she moves and grooves across the floor, she topples all the ballerinas in her path. Her teacher, Miss Grace, tries to teach her proper ballet positions, but Candace is more interested in shakes and shimmies than in plies and pas de bourrees. On show night, Candace's tutu is tailored and her bun is beautiful, but her tummy is a rumbly mess. When disaster strikes onstage, Candace steps up and saves the day by doing what she does best--being Candace.

This adorable book sparkles and shines with a cover that includes embossing and glitter.

My Review:
 What girl doesn't love spring and all that comes with it? Especially, FLOWERS! OMG! I love flowers and the main character of Grow, Candace, Grow feels the exact same way. she is such a girly girl and loves the idea of gardening. She was able to talk her classroom into planting a garden. the teacher agreed and the plan was starting to come together.

 Candace wasn't really good at being patient. So a few things unfold that mess up the plans the class made and soon Candace has to be patient which isn't one of her strong suits. Its not long before everything comes together how it was intended.

 A great little book that welcomes spring!

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