Thursday, March 5, 2020

Review: Sojourner Truth by:Barbour

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**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:
They're bold. They're fearless. They're adventurous. They have a faith that can move mountains. They're women of courage.

This series of easy-read biographies celebrates the lives of women who lived lives committed to changing the world for better. What set them apart? The willingness to live courageously for Christ, even in the midst of impossible situations.

In Sojourner Truth, you will meet the tall, powerful former slave and abolitionist whose biblically-based call for equality—for both African Americans and women—secured her a place in American history.

Wherever she appeared, the wise words and electrifying presence of Sojourner Truth brought audiences to their feet. The lengthy shadow cast by her near-six-foot frame and the challenge to injustice issued by her stinging speeches have secured her a place in American history—a place as a woman of courage.

Get inspired by her story, celebrate her legacy, and learn that God can use each of us for mighty things. . .if we have courage.

My Review:
 Courageous was her middle name. Never in history has anyone ever grabbed the bull by the horns as she did or stood up in the face of danger and God touch it so dramatically as when He moved on Sojourner's behalf. Born into slavery, but God raised her up to be a role model for man and woman alike. She was a major role model and proponent in history and she changed the lives of many slaves. To be honest she provided a major turning point for abolition of slavery, itself.

 Not only was the average American set to learn a lot from this woman but the slave, as well. They all had to change their way of thinking if this was ever going to succeed.

 What a great way to revisit the past and to see the brighter future on the horizon to bring an end to slavery so many things had to be set in place by God and by the tools he chose to use to change the course of it all.

 A great read!