Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Review: Ansley's Big Bake Off by:Pitts

 Ansley's Big Bake Off
 **Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher.

About the Book:
From the family that brought you the Lena in the Spotlight series and the popular For Girls Like You magazine comes the story of three young sisters who rebuild their lives and find joy in unexpected ways after their mother’s death.

Ansley and her family move to a new city to seek a new start after the death of their mother. But that also means ... a new school, new friends, new everything! Fortunately, even though no one could ever take the place of their mom, Aunt Samantha has moved in to help Dad and all the girls.

As they all settle into their “new normal,” Lena finds comfort in singing and songwriting. Ashton and Amber record videos documenting their lives and email them to their grandmothers. And Ansley pursues her own dream of becoming an Olympic gymnastics champ when she signs up with Grace and Power Gym. But she soon realizes that using her creativity to bake treats and share them with those she loves brings her as much (or even more) joy—especially since it brings back memories of precious afternoons she spent in the kitchen with her mom.

So which dream should she follow? Ansley prays for guidance, and it seems her prayers are answered when she gets the opportunity to both perform as a gymnast and take part in a The Big Bake Off at the Roland Lake Founders Day Fair. The Grand Prize is a trophy and a spot on the local morning show, Awake with The Lake!

My Review:
 Losing your mother has got to be the hardest thing as a human being, not to mention being a girl. I absolutely love this family and love reading all about their adventures. Ansley recently lost her mom and everyone in the home are struggling trying to find their place after mom is no longer apart of their lives. So this little addition to the series is all about just that.

 Ansley's aunt is here to help dad with the girls so each of the girls try to find something to immerse themselves into, including Ansley. But Ansley relies on a power much higher than her own to decide what she should be doing--so come along and find out how she handles what God points out to her.

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