Monday, January 18, 2021

Review: Tidewater Bride by:Laura Frantz

 Tidewater Bride

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

 About the Book:

Selah Hopewell, Virginia Colony's most eligible woman, is busy matchmaking for a ship of brides, though she has no wish to wed.

Xander Renick is perhaps the most eligible tobacco lord in the settlement, but he is already wedded to his business and still grieves the loss of his wife, daughter of the Powhatan chief.

Can two fiercely independent people find happiness and fulfillment on their own? Or will they discover that what they've been missing in life has been right in front of them all along?

My Review:

 If you are looking to get into the Historical Romance genre and you are not sure which author to start with then Laura Frantz is the one. Her writing is full of energy, but not too much and her writing will not cause you to snooze between pages. She is just that good and full of life. You will not be disappointed. 

 Selah has always seen herself as one to put people together not one to seek romance for herself. But isnt love funny that way? Just when you least expect it, it can appear out of nowhere. And it looks like that is whats about to happen.

 Xander is just as independent and bull headed as Selah but there is something about her that brings him to life. 

 A brilliant unsuspecting love story that takes place in colonial times. A great read for a blustery winter day. With almost 400 pages to comb through, trust me you will love every minute of it.

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