Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: My Own Worst Enemy By Janet Davis

Who Am I?? It never dawned on me to even ask myself this question until after I read the book My Own Worst Enemy how to stop holding yourself back By Janet Davis. My whole identity since getting married and having children has been nothing short of wife and mother. But in her book Davis explains that we are worth much more than that to God and we should also see that worth in ourselves just as he does. In each chapter of this beautifully written book the author takes examples from everyday life,the bible and includes discussion questions at the end. This book was very informative and self reflecting. It really causes you to think and look inside yourself and ultimately heavenward to find your true strength and to reveal the beauty,sacrifice and honor that God knew was there all along.
Taken from the book…..Most of us want to believe that we live our lives in a fairly self-aware,consciously chosen fashion. Unfortunately, in the busyness and noise of our culture,that is often not the case. Self-awareness is a particular challenge for many women. With our nurturing nature, we can probably tell you what every person in the room (or at least in our family) needs and perhaps even what they want,where they excel, and what they might be struggling with, but we usually cannot answer those questions for ourselves.
I received this book for free for my honest review from Bethany House Publishers.