Monday, April 9, 2012

Review:Hope For Parents of Troubled Teens

If you are having trouble out of your teenager this book maybe what you could turn to to help you and your family through it. Hope For The Parents of Troubled Teens By Connie Rae takes you into the minds of our teenagers and tells you how to cope and hopefully resolve some of the conflicts that affect many families today.
Taken from the book….Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do. Your teenager or young adult is rebellious,distant, or depressed, and you feel helpless as you try to break through to the child you used to know so well. But there are actions you can take to begin turning the situation around.
Licensed counselor Connie Rae has seen it all, both in her professional practice and in her personal life with a son who struggled through a drug addiction. She offers encouragement and practical advice on what to say and do, and mistakes to avoid. Whether the situation looks bleak already, or you’re just preparing for the challenges of the years ahead, Hope for the Parents of Troubled Teens will open up the world of your teenager’s mind and provide the steps you need to protect and restore your relationship with your child.
This book was beautifully written. I liked it alot. I could also relate to alot of things the author talked about. My teen isn’t giving me any serious problems yet. But this book will certainly serve as a well written guide for me in the years to come.
This book was provided to me for free by Bethany House publishers for my honest review.