Monday, April 9, 2012

Review:My Prince Will Come By Sheri Rose Shepherd

This is a devotional book centered around waiting for our princes return. Taken from the back of the book….
It’s the moment you’ve waited for all your life. Hopes and dreams long buried suddenly come alive;heartache and pain melt away;your eyes meet and you’re overcome with joy.
It’s a love story beyond the most amazing fairytale. A true Happily Ever After…. all for you! Your eternal reign will begin on that day because your Prince loves you and paid the ultimate price to call you His princess. Come now, and get to know your Prince, understand your royal calling, live with passion and peace, and prepare for that glorious day… when you finally meet Jesus-your Prince-face to face.
This book was a good read because it got my focus back on what really matters looking onward and upward. Sometimes in my day to day life it is really hard to focus on the Lord’s coming except for the fact almost everyday I say I sure wish he was here to retrieve us life would be a lot easier. Sheri Rose Shepherd’s book once again puts our focus on the Lord and the words he left us with. So when our hearts become burdened with our mundane daily lives. We can go to the Lord and he can restore us until we see him again.
This book was provided to me for free for my honest review by the Walter Multnomah Blogging for Books program.