Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: Tugboat:My Voyage Out of Obesity by Cheryl Long

About the Ebook:
 Cheryl Long decided to make a change. Hopefully, a life long change to be healthier, to possibly live longer without the aches and pains that came with unhealthy eating. This eBook chronicles her 60 day fast to become healthier.
 She takes us along with her and her three daughters as they try to muddle through those first few days as the fuzziness takes hold of their bodies and minds.Each day is made available to us so that we can see through Cheryl's eyes what it was like to go through something like this. She has also included some recipes to get you started on your own journey into the juicing world. There are some additional online resources Cheryl has highlighted that were helps to her and could be very beneficial to you as well.

About the Author:
 Cheryl Long is a wife and mother of 10 children and grandmother to 3. She has a blog named Treasures from a Shoebox where she blogs about everyday life.
 She has a message for anyone that comes across her blog. From her own words: My prayer for each person who visits my blog is that you will be encouraged, inspired, challenged and drawn closer to Jesus Christ as you sift through the treasures that are shared here in my Shoebox.

My Review:
 I have been hearing a lot lately about juicing and its benefits from weight loss to just plain old feeling better physically and mentally. I came across Cheryl Long and her blog Treasures from a Shoebox because we are both homeschooling moms. First, I would have to say Cheryl is a very brave woman to forgo eating solid food for 60 days is no easy feat. So first off I would like to commend her on accomplishing this insurmountable goal. I am sure it was not easy. I have been contemplating doing this myself and still have not had the guts to do it. But I am putting in a spinach bed and hope to get started on it real soon.
 I myself can relate to some of what Cheryl has been through. I myself during and after having my 4 babies really can not or my body refuses (not sure which) to allow me to get back to even close the weight I was before it all went down hill. Cheryl's tell all journey is a really good look into what it is like, the up's the down's. Relying on the Lord, Cheryl and her family were able to gain a better sense of mental and physical health. Showing us all that if we try to look deep within ourselves we can have the same resolve.

The price of the 56 page eBook is $2.99 right now. Not a bad price at all. Here is a link to her website to learn more.

*Disclaimer* This book was provided to me for free for my honest review.

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