Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review:Managing My Minutes: Do I Really Need To? by Lorrie Flem

 This months Gabby Mom's review is all about routines and schedules. Bottom line all of our lives are best lived on schedules and routines. And if you really stop and think about it we have a lot of routines we do on a daily basis. Let's start with our mornings usually we wake up brush our teeth, maybe shower, and then head on to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Right there was a routine and we didn't have to try to hard to look for it.

 In Lorrie's eBook she is trying to show us how we all can benefit from making and keeping a schedule no matter what  our living situation is. Whether you are a home schooling family or not. Whether your husband works a rotating schedule or you both work. You can actually set up several different schedules for different times. It is really not that difficult.

 Lorrie's plan is to help you decide, decipher and decode what is best for your family. I mean come on she has to know a little bit about it. She is the mother of 8 children she has a little experience in the department of routines and scheduling.

 Above all this is not something that the busy mom should take lightly. You should talk about it with your husband and family. And before anything else you should PRAY about it. Pray that the Lord will give you wisdom and perseverance to do what is best for your loved ones. Lorrie tells us then when we write it all down and start to schedule everything you will have the ability to see the important things more clearly.

 Lorrie helped me to see that my husband's input may be very valuable to me and my scheduling. He may see something that I don't see. So it would never hurt to let a second set of eyes take a look.

As always you can find many products Lorrie has authored at her website. This e book is available at this link.

**Disclaimer** I received this product for free through the Gabby Moms Program for my unbiased review.

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