Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: Centered&Sane and Gratitude by Lorrie Flem

 You know being a mom is very hard work. Throw in being a stay at home mom and to homeschool your children and you are on a fast track to major BURN OUT! Can I get an amen? October's Gabby Mom's review is about being a centered and sane mom and learning how to be grateful. Grateful for what you say? Well for me there are a lot of things one is a happy and loving family. My husband works so I can stay home and homeschool our children. We have food on the table everyday. We go to a fun and loving church. Our children are healthy. The list could go on and on.
 I was reminded after hearing Lorrie's audio about a time when a friend of mine went to the altar for personal reasons and when the elder of the church came to assist her in prayer the elder asked,"What can I pray with you about?" My friend just shrugged their shoulders. Well the elder said,"Are you married?" She said,"Well yes." The elder said is there anything wrong with your marriage. She replied no. Then the elder proceeded to ask,"Do you have children?" My friend replied,"I do." The elder again asked,"Is it a problem with one of your children." My friend said,"No". The elder asked,"Is it your job situation?" And again the answer was no.

 The point to all of this is my friend really had no reason to request prayer because even though she went to the altar with a spirit of sadness and discontent what she really had was many, many reasons to be thankful. Because a lot of people are going through some pretty rough times right now it is so easy to get caught up in the woe is me mentality that we forget that sometimes. My mom had a saying you will ALWAYS meet someone that is having a harder time in life than you are having. And as time has went on and the older I get I have found that she is right. Got to love mom,right? Mom's always have words of wisdom that you can live by.
 Lorrie tells us that being grateful is something you choose to be and although it is a hard thing to achieve especially for us moms. That we need to try really hard to keep a grateful heart. Because little eyes are watching. I know I have a hard time with trying not to be sad. Lorrie told us that she also gets sad from time to time because she misses her parents. Boy, can I relate to that. I can't tell you how many times my husband and children have heard me say that I missed my parents so badly that the pain is sometimes unbearable. And they all have seen me crying my heart out to God and whoever else would listen about how much I missed them. It is so easy to get caught up in that misery and pain, isn't it?
 The Lord wants you to come to him when you lose that sense of being grateful to him for all you have and even those people that are no longer with you. I know I am thankful to him for giving me the best two parents He could of ever given. They had unconditional love for me. Something I will cherish the rest of my days. I hope and pray to measure up to the example they have set. I love my family so much and I want them to experience that kind of love from me.
 If you want to learn more about becoming a more centered and sane mom for your family and to learn more about having a grateful heart and attitude. Then this is the product for you! This product will be available November the 1st. Here is the link for that. And you can always find out more about Lorrie's products at this link.

**Disclaimer** This product was provided to me for free through the Gabby Moms Program for my unbiased review.

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