Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: Ramblings from the Shower by Faye Bryant

About the Book:
 Is it possible to "be who you be"?

 What does it mean to hear and follow "God's heartbeat"?

Does God really have a sense of humor?

Does He really laugh?

 From a modern day "Good Samaritan " story, through the sea of emotions accompanying a battle with melanoma, to an honest open-heart discussion of the pain of divorce, this author shares thoughts, wit and wisdom gained from her many conversations with the Lord. Along the way you will read how she found comfort and hope in knowing that God is more interested in how we worship rather than what we wear, how we treat others rather than how we might appear, and how He wants us to trust Him that He can do good in our lives, even when things look really, really bad.

About the Author:
 Faye was born in Florida and lived there until age 25 when she moved to Tennessee and has lived there ever since.
The first church Faye ever attended of her own free will was a fundamental Baptist church in Kissimmee, Florida. While she did meet Christ there, she says it was only as a Savior who wanted to redeem her soul, but who wanted to impose a ton of rules too. Now she says it's a joy to know Him as the One who loves me with a crazy, humanly incomprehensible love!
When Faye was 17, she worked at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World. A dream job, such fun for a teenager! Other jobs she's held include clerk in a bulk mail room for a small college, teaching assistant at a Christian school, Avon Lady, Tupperware representative, retail sales, bookkeeper and postal carrier. Her last "public" job was as data entry clerk that grew into inventory control clerk/systems admin for a convenience store chain.
While working there, God put Faye on her back -- literally. She had ruptured a disk in her back. While resting at home before surgery, and finding TV too boring for words, she started studying the Bible for myself, digging deep -- something she'd never done before. Faye says she heard God speaking to her very plainly, calling her to full-time service to Him. Funny thing was, the service He was calling her into -- the position -- it didn't exist at the time. He worked it out and she's never looked back.
In 2003, God called Faye and her husband, Jack, to join a group of others to start a new fellowship in Townsend, and thus Church of the Cove was born. She says it has been an amazing ride! 
Now Faye serves as the Ministry Assistant and Communications director for the church and also own my business working as a scopist. Just ask, she'll explain that one. Faye loves being able to work from her home office most of the time. If you would like to purchase this book you can go here.

My Review:
 Ramblings from the Shower is like a down to earth, reach you where you are at type of book. How many times have we all especially we as busy moms had ponderings or prayers or a constant conversation with God while we were in the shower? Hey the bathroom is sometimes the only place some of us can get some time to ourselves. Of course I wouldn't know anything about that. wink wink   Faye has sweetly shared with us those conversations she has had in the shower with the Almighty so that we may gain some understanding on some of the questions and thoughts even she has had about life, relationships, and even our spiritual lives.

 God is always willing to lend a helping hand or two which ever the case may be. Believe it or not we need Him and we need Him desperately. When fear takes a hold of me or even when things are going well our first thoughts should always take us back to the Father. He is our anchor. He is our soft place to fall no matter what the situation. He loves us and loves for us to run to Him.

 I was very touched by the story Faye tells us about when she mentions her very dear friend, Rich Willis, it is an amazing story of a man very confident in his faith so much so that a troubling diagnosis did not stop him from soldiering on. I don't want to spoil the book for anyone so that is all I will say. I believe Faye's main point of the whole book is getting a better more intimate relationship with the Lord. He wants us to be more in touch with Him and frankly that is the safest place to be.

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