Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review: Mondays With My Old Pastor by:Jose' Navajo

About the Book:
A totally burned-out young preacher reignites his faith and gathers wisdom for life while spending successive Mondays with an eighty-three-year-old pastor.
"Deep inside in some uncertain part of my soul persisted this strange exhaustion that was difficult to explain and hard to endure," writes pastor and author José Luis Navajo. Thinking of quitting the ministry, Navajo doesn't know where to turn until he begins meeting with a seasoned man of the cloth—his "old pastor"—who, through successive Monday visits, offers a legacy of wisdom in the form of 15 unique principles.
In lyrical prose, Navajo shares the personal anecdotes, fables, and deep spiritual insights offered by the old pastor and his wife. By turns funny, heartbreaking, and thought provoking, Mondays with My Old Pastor is a comfort to anyone who struggles in his or her walk with God. As readers follow Navajo's journey from desperation to rejuvenation, they will find themselves similarly transformed and inspired. This moving, beautifully written account is sure to reignite every soul's longing for renewal.
 About the Author:
 José Luis Navajo is part of the pastoral team for the Iglesia Evangélica Salem in Madrid, Spain. He leads conferences, contributes as a commentator for various radio programs, and is a columnist. He and his wife Gene have two daughters, Querit and Miriam.

My Review:
Jose has been a minister for about ten years when he begins to feel like he should just throw in the towel. And then his wife urges him to go and speak with his pastor about it before he decides to give up on the calling that God has placed on his life. So the young minister decides maybe he should do as his wife instructs and go see his "old pastor". Seeing the seasoned minister soon begins to take on a life of its own as he realizes all too quickly that he has been going at this all wrong. The "old pastor" shares valuable information and advice with him that teaches the young minister that if you can walk away from the enormous privilege  it is to be God's servant than walk away. But if not maybe your journey is not over.
 As ministers or even Christians we all feel a sense of urgency that may never end. And then after awhile of that weighing on us with no return or reprieve its weight becomes so overwhelming that we just want to stop doing and being what God has commissioned us to be. This book is meant to encourage us to once again get back in the ring and to not give up before the journey is over. The well seasoned pastor through stories and life changing discussions shows him how to look at his calling in a different way.

**Disclosure** I received this book for free through the Booksneeze Blogger Program for my honest review.


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