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Litfuse Review: Beautiful Battlefields by:Bo Stern

About the Book:
Where is God in the midst of this? 

You've probably heard that question or perhaps asked it yourself. In the battle for your joy, your marriage, your finances, your health, an emptiness creeps in. Where is the peace You promised, God?
Bo Stern has been there-and is still there. Yet in studying the battles in Scripture, she came to a startling conclusion: God is using these fierce fights in our lives for an astonishing purpose. 
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  About the Author:
Bo Stern knows the most beautiful things can come out of the hardest times. Her Goliath came in the form of her husband's terminal illness, a battle they are still fighting with the help of their four children, a veritable army of friends, and our extraordinary God. Bo is a teaching pastor at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon. 
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My Review:
What tremendous battle have you had to fight in this life? What is it that took God to carry you through? What has been your "Goliath"? Bo Stern knows all too well the terrible weight that a "Goliath" can carry on an individual. The "why me's"  and "the please God help us to overcome"? Bo has taken her husband's battle and the battles of others and placed them all, in her book Beautiful Battlefields for us to learn from their experiences and show us how to fight, how to win and how to find the beauty in the battle not just in the outcome.

 Fighting and drawing those battle lines is never an easy feat. We have to gain our strength and battle plan from the Lord and then proceed. What ever the cost and how great the pain we can win this with the Lord's help. He will show us how to fight and show us the beauty in the battle no matter if it turns out that we lose our loved ones or we just lose. He will show us how to be happy and strong in spite of how everything plays out.

The author has not only gave us encouragement but gave us thoughts at the end of each chapter as well as some activities to do that could help us in this leg of the journey. The important thing to remember is that God has not left our side. Even in the middle of the crisis that is the worst we have ever experienced. It is in the middle of that crisis that he will carry us. It is in the middle of that crisis that he has collected those prayers and tears and took them to the Father and interceded for us.

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