Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review:Your Beautiful Purpose by:Susie Larson

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About the Book:
We so want each day to matter--to serve God in big and small ways. But how, especially when everyday responsibilities, work, fears, and other obstacles get in the way?

Like a trusted friend, Susie Larson shares practical, scriptural ways to overcome whatever keeps us from living fully in God's will. Susie will help you learn to:

  • Discern the best use of your time and gifts
  • Confidently pursue God's unique desires for you
  • Stretch your faith and deepen your impact
Respond today to that nudge in your spirit--that desire to use your gifts and passions more fully in God's work. Lay down lesser commitments and lay hold of God's beautiful purpose for your life.

 Susie Larson
About the Author:
Susie Larson hosts a daily radio talk show that airs across the upper Midwest and contributes a weekly feature heard nationally on Moody Radio. Active in local ministry as well as International Justice Mission, she has authored six previous books and been a guest on national TV and radio programs, including Focus on the Family. Susie and her husband, Kevin, have three adult sons and live near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Learn more at

My Review:
 Just like Peter did when he asked Jesus if he could walk out on the water also and then as he started to really realize what he was doing and then lost his faith or sent it floundering, he started to sink. Our God is always right there just like Jesus was. To pick us up and re-steady us until the next time our faith takes a dip and we start to stumble again. Susie Larson uses this illustration as a guide into showing you that you shouldn't be afraid when God has a specific purpose, plan, or call He has summoned you to do for Him.

 Are you the harried housewife with the far away look in your eye? The dream never realized because you have to cook dinner or take the kids to soccer practice or your husband needs his shirt ironed again. The author explains that we should put our trust and faith in the impossible. Just trust upon Him to take what we can't make sense of to turn it all around for our good.

 He is really great at making things work when it seems it will take the impossible or even a miracle to come to pass. This book can be done alone or with a group. There are study questions and discussion starters in it as well.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Bethany House Publishers.


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