Monday, March 4, 2013

A TRIP to top them all....... Final Thoughts

TRIP For Kids 

 If you are any kind of good parent or like me you try to be, you hate to see your children struggle. It is actually a painful thing to watch. I know as a homeschool mom I have had to come up with different ways for each of my children to learn new concepts. Because while they are related and each are similar in personality they all learn some what differently. And with four children it can get hectic to say the least. I am only one person after all.

 Reading is a fun adventure and it is one we should not take lightly. This is a skill our children will need for the rest of their lives. My oldest son has problems paying attention and focusing so reading is something he tries to avoid. But after trying the TRIP reading program things seem to have gotten a little easier for him. While I'm still working on the enjoyment of reading, his comprehension has gotten better overall. Which is great! Maybe TRIP needs to develop a program that will make him enjoy it more then my other problem will be solved.

Startling Statistics…

*If a child is a poor reader at the end of the first grade, there is an almost 90% probability that the child will be a poor at the end of fourth grade.
– The Public Library Association *Estimates indicate that at least 20 million of the nation’s 53 million school-age children are poor readers
– About two out of five children. *Three-quarters of students who are poor readers in third grade will remain poor readers in high school.
– Yale University *At least 50% of the unemployed are functionally illiterate.
– U. S. Department of Labor.
*The education of the parent is the single greatest predictor of whether a child will be raised in poverty.
– U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services. *For 90-95% of poor readers, prevention and early intervention programs that combine instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, reading fluency, and reading comprehension can increase reading skills to average reading levels.
– National Institute of Child Health and Human development Reprinted with permission:
The National Right To Read Foundation

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